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Bramwell & Associates Realty Advisors Inc. is one of the few commercial advisory firms in the Lower Mainland with a Commercial Strata Program that covers the entire life cycle of your property. We call this our Commercial Strata Continuum of Service.

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It starts with Appraisals. We are one of the volume leaders, with 5%-10% of all sales transactions of commercial strata in the Lower Mainland. We are also well-versed in acquisition and development appraisals for financing purposes for new developments. Everyone trusts us to value your commercial strata property correctly while producing the report to meet your timelines in a cost-effective manner.

Real estate agents, lenders and brokers follow our strata research, the Commercial Strata Benchmark Report, a monthly summary of sales volume and average prices for Industrial, Retail and Office strata lots in the 8 main submarkets of the Lower Mainland. This allows us to keep up with the market and get appraisals out within a few days of inspection.

We feel this research is an important service as the total floor area of the commercial real estate market in the Lower Mainland has increasingly become stratified while the large real estate firm research providers continue to concentrate on non-strata properties.

Strata Reserve Planning is the trade name of our Depreciation Report and Insurance Appraisal division. Our dedicated Depreciation Report staff is the largest and most qualified in BC. Click here to be taken to our Depreciation Report website.

Bramwell & Associates has been providing property assessment consulting services in British Columbia since 2010. Our goal is to ensure that our clients pay no more than their fair share of property taxes, whether you are fee simple or strata ownership. For more information, see our Property Tax section.

Termination of a Strata Corporation occurs at the end of the economic life of the building, that is when the land value exceeds the aggregate market values of all units. Another indicator of when it may be time to consider termination is when the maintenance costs are too high for the strata lot owners. We have previously worked for developers and owners to assist them with valuing their complexes.

Call us today at 604-608-6161 (Lower Mainland) or 1-855-787-2828 anywhere in North America for a quote.

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